Who is Matt Rycraft

The Man Behind the Camera

My love for photography started from a young age, going on holiday with parents, I always had a camera round my neck.  The days when the film would go to SupaSnaps for printing, yes remember SupaSnaps!!  And I still have them all!  I then went to College to study Photography…. And here I am now, I love every part of what I do, the photography, meeting new people, the creativeness down to running the business.  Its the dream job.

Why I do what I do?

I produce pieces of art that inspire others, creating a sense of wonder and entrancing simplicity when viewed.  I want my wedding photographs to encapsulate your wedding and give you something you never thought possible.  Produce happiness through imagery.

My aim is to create the most beautiful wedding album you could have ever dreamt of… Exquisite wedding photographs that will leave any viewer with a sense of envy and delight.  I love to push boundaries and create something inspiring.  It’s your wedding journey… And with Matthew Rycraft, it’s an experience.

I get as much satisfaction as my clients do when they see their photographs for the first time, this is what keeps me going, this is what creates my drive and passion.  Passion that’s transferred to your images on your wedding day.   I want you to look as beautiful in your wedding album as you’ve ever imagined, this is why I do what I do.

If people don’t tell you that your wedding photographs are the best they’ve ever seen, I’ve not done my job.

Why choose me?

I produce beautiful pieces of artwork and I want you to be proud of what we’ve achieved for your wedding.  I want you to feel like doing it all over again and relive your magical day.  I’ve won International and UK National Awards, been featured on numerous wedding magazine front covers and won Wedding of the Year in 2015.  Photography is subjective, I’ll leave you to make the decision on whether I should shoot your wedding, VISIT OUR WEDDING GALLERY