The Man Behind the Camera

Matthew Rycraft ..  Photography and art has been in my family for 3 generations. With my love for photography staring from a young age. This is my full time career.  I love everything from pressing the shutter to the editing.  I especially enjoy just running my business and creating marketing ideas. And most of all meeting and spending time with new people. 

His Studio

Matt is the only wedding photographer in the North West that’s has his own studio.  A place for you to come and view your wedding photographs for the first time and view our wedding albums.  We don’t just send. your photos on a USB and wave goodbye, with Matt it’s an experience, the way it should be, for the most important day of your lives.

At Rycraft Studios we concentrate on family photography, from newborn, babys, my Magical Christmas shoots to outside sessions.

Matthew-Rycraft-2020-Wedding Magazine Front Cover

During your wedding

I spend my time during your wedding day, capturing those natural moments and you miss.  My style is very relaxed and when we need those more important signature portraits and family group shots.  I will take control making sure everything is perfect.  My wedding portfolio is a great place to see my most favourite wedding photographs.  I also educate other wedding photographers with my lighting and posing workshops 4 times a year.  If you want to get in touch feel free to email me direct at or call me on 01704 741111.

Matthew Rycraft Wedding Photographer

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I want to give the viewer something they never thought possible and adore seeing clients reactions when they see their wedding photographs for the first time.  It’s this passion that’s transferred to your images.  If people don’t tell you that your wedding photographs are the best they’ve ever seen, I’ve not done my job.

My Style of wedding photography

Natural, Striking & Classical.  And most of all UNIQUE.… I love creating inspiring wedding photographs using different types of lighting, this is really what defines my unique wedding photography style.   Years of experience has taught me to capture the moment at just the right time, this makes sure every shot is perfect and natural.  I blend into the background capturing your guests laughing, giggles, smiling and most of all having lots of fun. Every client receives a fabulous collection of images balanced perfectly throughout the day.

Liverpool wedding photographer

Multi Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Iv’e been WINNER of Wedding of the Year 3 years in row, I’ve over 10 magazine front covers, 4 Print Photography & International Awards. I’ve been chosen as a Phottix UK & Permajet Ambassador. I exclusively only cover 30 weddings a year.  I’d love to chat weddings with you, feel free to pop into our Southport Studio for a glass of bubbly or beer anytime.

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